20111203 updated.

- Your best plurk app on your Android phone!
- Simple, fast, easy-to-use, and powerful!
- Support running on all Android platforms!

- Tap the avatar or long press a plurk will show up the QuickActions!
- Long press a response will show up the quick menu.
- You can click the links when you entered the single plurk.
- You can add your current location from the menu when you are plurking.

- Support App2SD. (It requires Android 2.2 or greater)
- More secure with OAuth login. You don't expose your id and password to the app.
- Easily switch between "All plurks, My plurks, Private, Responded, Liked & Replurked" filters.
- Easily switch between "All plurks" and "Unread only" modes.
- Mark all as read. (Only available in Unread mode)
- QuickActions for "edit, private plurk, like and unlike, mute and unmute, replurk, official replurk and unreplurk, share, profile, timeline, repluker profile, replurker timeline."
- Long pressing a response for "reply-to, private plurk, replurk or share the response, delete, profile, timeline."
- Plurk/response with selected qualifier, all official emoticons, custom emoticons, and uploaded pictures.
- Plurk with permission settings. (Including self, cliques, and friend list)
- Support English/Taiwan locale. (According the phone setting)
- Web images are automatically cached in your SD-Card. It will be clean up when you quit the app if the cache size is larger than some limit. You can also clean up the cache by yourself in the preferences.

[Advanced features]
- Auto read-more.
- Auto refresh after plurked.
- Different themes.
- Various avatar and font sizes.
- Orientation setting.
- Input settings.
- Image upload and download settings.
- Page down with volume keys.
- Show the display name instead of id by default.
- In-app image viewing, caching, and zooming. (Support both multi-touch and single-finger mode)

- Support most common Plurk API.